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Established in 1990 today SURYA is a Leading manufacturer of LT and HT Servo Voltage Stabilizers...

L.T. Automatic Voltage Regulator

These are essentially auto wound transformers having Single Layer helical - coil mounted on a conventional laminated transformer core.The assembly used consists of self lubricated graphite rollers, assembled on backelite carrier boards that traverse the length of the coil track.

The roller mechanism is driven by the servo motor which receives its signal from a voltage monitoring IC Card on the output side of the servo Stabilizer and hence works as a closed loop. L.T.AVRS are Warrantied for 7 Years.

HT Automatic Voltage Regulator

As the name suggests the HT AVR is connected to the HT Line and which fliters the fluctuations in the voltage before feedig it to the transformer,thus HT AVR supplies rated Stabilized Voltage to Tranformer and hence enables the utilization of the transformer upto its full kVA rating & simultaniously protecting it from High/Low voltage fluctuation.


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  • HT Avrs are Warrantied For Three Years