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Established in 1990 today SURYA is a Leading manufacturer of LT and HT Servo Voltage Stabilizers...

Transformer With Built In Ht Avr(2in1 System)

The 'SURYA' make Transformers with Built-in HT Automatic Voltage Regulator is a revolutionary landmark in the Industry when it comes to voltage Regulation and Stabilization. Even after the installation of standard distribution transformers the problem of Low/High Voltage on the LT side remains,resulting in improper operation of the electrical machines of a plant.

The standard off-circuit tappings of the transformers can correct limited voltage variations and can not regulate the voltage while in 'on load' condition.Thus the qualified engineers at 'surya' developed a smart way of tackling the problem with Transformers having Built-in HT Automatic Voltage Regulator that operates on load,steplessly.

The equipment is basically a combination of HT AVR with a standard distribution Transformer.The fluctuating voltage from 'Grid' is intially stabilized by the HT AVR and then fed to the transformer resulting in the constant L.T. Output within +-1% accuracy and the Biggest advantage being the robust design of the equipment which does not demand regular maintance.

Advantages of transformer with built-in ht avr

  • Better Efficiency
  • Protection of Motors
  • Reduced Installation Cost
  • Reduced in Electricity Bill
  • Space Saving
  • Transformer with Built in AVR's are warrentied for three years.

Dry Type Transformer

In locations where safety of utmost priority such as nuclear power stations, railways, Mines , hospitals, hotels, oil refineries, apartments etc, conventional transformers with Oil / paper composite dielectric can be prone to fire hazards.

Product Range

20 kVA to 3000 kVA, 11 kV & 33 kV Class suitable for Indoor applications with off circuit tap links, off circuit tap switchandonloadtapchanger


The Dry Type transformer are manufactured to comply with National International Standards BIS, IS 11171, IEC

Environmental Impact Operation Aspects

  • Transformers insulated with Nomex brand materials are extremely safe, even when exposed to fire
  • High flame resistance, & low smoke and no toxic off-gasses